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Attain Success with the Support of Small Business Advisors

By Opulent Accountants|Monday Jul 24, 2017

Why to hire a small business advisor?

To be good or great at something necessitates that you need to ‘sharpen’ your skills. You need someone that helps you to stay on track, establish your goals, pushing you to be better than you ever could; no matter what stage your business is at, we can all stand to be better at what we do.

To start a business, you only want to have a product or service someone is willing to purchase. To build an extraordinary business, you need an advisory. Small business advisors are the best option to start from.


Your advisory program is only for you. You choose the destination and we will be able to help you get there.

You will have the option of meeting virtually or on the phone at set intervals. At every meeting, we will review what you have accomplished in the previous time frame and compare it to the goals that we set at the previous meeting. You will get feedback and approvals based on what you have accomplished. Our interest is to make you successful which describes that we might not always agree with you and encourage you to aim higher.

How the things get done?

The support of small business advisors is primarily driven by you and the goals that you have established for your business. Perhaps, if you are comfortable with what you’re doing and would like to configure out what to do and how you can do it, we offer the pointers and bounce ideas in refining the things to be done.

You simply need someone to talk about your ideas, provide answers and advice where you might have gaps in your thinking and who can give you objective thinking about your business, the marketplace and your industry and hence, you uncover the thoughts or ideas you had.

After understanding of what you would like to do, the process will generally be as:

  1. Firstly, clear, measurable and important goals are established
  2. In the second phase, the work is done on the timeline to achieve certain goals within a specified period of time
  3. Weekly or bi-weekly meetings are done to discuss the progress, evaluate any area and identity new threats or opportunities
  4. At the end of the program, evaluate your performance with pre-determined standards

Throughout the process, our advisors will help you to stay on track, providing you the objective, timely evaluation and feedback along the way.

Areas to be considered

At Opulent, our Small Business Advisory support revolves around the following areas:

  • Speaking though business tasks
  • Short term and long term planning
  • Business Expansion
  • Financial Verdicts
  • Human Resources
  • Product Management
  • Outsourcing


Following are the advantages that you will gain while working with us as a small business advisor:

  • Ongoing assessment and re-valuation of plans and policies
  • You need someone to follow-up on the goals you made for your business
  • You must access to motivational resource
  • You must possess someone to bounce your ideas off

 Hiring a Small Business Advisor could be our business game-changer. Contact us today for more information.



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