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It is structurally necessary for an intermediary to be situated between the bank which is lending to the individual or business, and the borrower. Such mediating position entails mortgage broking which is the designated niche of the mortgage broker. The broker does all the mortgage facilitation and broking as your official representative.

Mortgage broking is pretty bureaucratic and may sometimes uncomfortably need a heck of paperwork and legal procedures for the loan to be transacted between you and the lender. You may not find this convenient but your mortgage broker certainly does. The mortgage broker in this regard would prosecute all the legal duties of making adept background researches on the existing product available in the market, and substantiate for you all through the negotiations, from applying even down to redeem the loan. Most times mortgage broking comes at no cost (on the side of the borrower) as in most cases, the lender reimburses the mortgage with a commission upon the settlement of the mortgage.

Having a capable mortgage broker around is a nice and invaluable addition. They would save you a whole heck of time and expenses when securing a mortgage. Every bank, for example, has its distinct practice. Acquaintance to these stringent practices and documentation on your part may require needless efforts. Sometimes you may miss on a loan facility not necessarily because you don’t have the right credit rating but because you missed some slight process in the application path. In face of all those boggling due-process procedures from the borrower, having a broker make facilitation on your behalf is assuredly relieving.

Aside from the dimension of convenience, having a good mortgage broker gets you closer to juicier deals. Effective mortgage broking would implore the broker to be dedicated and investigative enough to shop around for the best loans with the most comfortable conditions for you. The broker would source around banks and other lenders for what works best in your interests.

A relationship with the right mortgage broker is among the most fruitful relationships you can build. Opulent Accountants can assure you of the best mortgage with the least commitment on your side. We strongly believe you don’t have to pay your convenience for the right mortgage.

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  • I highly recommend Dayan and his team. Last 4 years I am with Opulent Accountants and support and the advise that Dayan and his team provides us is immense.. I have used Dayan as my Mortgage broker and He and his team make it so effortless for us trough the entire process. Even though I live in Cairns QLD He and his team is always accessible. Cheers to Dayan and his Team.

    Hasitha Alwis
  • Our legal firm deals with Dayan and the team on a regular basis on a number of conveyancing and other legal matters. Dayan and his team have always been reliable, professional and have always delivered impeccable service to all our clients. We look forward to continuing our professional relationship and wish Opulent Accountants the very best in every endeavor.

    Tash Warsh
  • Amazing Team, super professional and they actually make me understand accounting! Things are always done on a timely manner. Love working with them.

    Ima Asali
  • It has always been a positive experience in dealing with Satan and the team. I have been working with them for all matters finance for the last 5 years. I’d definitely recommend this business for your financial advise and needs.

    Hiran Jayasekera
  • I am getting services of Opulent Accountants for several years to date and I must admit that they provide a superior customer service in a timely manner. Dayan and his team looks after their all customers giving special attention to their specific needs. I do not hesitate to recommend Opulent Accountants as a regular customer.

    Asiri Pramod
  • Thank you Dayan and Opulent team for professional service.
    Highly recommended there Accounting and Mortgage brokering.!!

    Nuwan Jayawardana
  • Impressed with service provided by all staff. The whole team always makes me feel welcome in every case.
    Happy to always go there anytime

    Suresh Atulugama
  • This is the second year that I have done my tax with Opulent Accountants and they have always been quick and very helpful with my questions. Great service and highly recommended. Thank you.

    Urva Shah

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